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What is the “Let’s Divest!” campaign? 350 Japan is running the “Let’s Divest” campaign calling on individuals and companies to switch their bank accounts to “Earth Friendly Banks” that do not fund fossil fuels or nuclear power. The campaign aims to collect as many personal and 5 organizational divestments as possible, to encourage banks to divest from fossil fuels and nuclear energy and transition finance flows towards a 100% renewable energy society. Let’s divest and pressure the banks to take action for our environment!
Will you join us?

What is divestment?
Why should I divest?

  • What is divestment?

  • The definition of divestment is the opposite of investment--it means to remove funds. The Divestment Movement seeks to create a sustainable flow of money by asking institutions of all kinds to stop funding fossil fuel (coal, oil and gas) and nuclear energy companies / projects.

  • That sounds complicated. Plus, I don’t have any stocks or investments.

  • Do you have a bank account?

  • Yep. I've got a savings account where my monthly salary is deposited.

  • Well, then there's a good chance the bank is lending or investing your money in fossil fuels or nuclear industries.

  • Ok, but what’s so bad about the nuclear and fossil fuel industries?

  • The burning of fossil fuels - mainly coal, oil and gas - is the biggest cause of global warming. Nuclear, on the other hand, produces extremely hazardous, radioactive waste which takes thousands of years to break-down. Not to mention, the increasing risk of melt-down disasters like those in Chernobyl and Fukushima.

  • I see. So they're bad for the environment and pose a huge risk to our everyday life?

  • Yes. Although it's not well publicized, fossil fuels create the largest amount of greenhouse gas emissions causing air pollution and extreme weather around the globe. It's become essential to shift to a renewable energy society.

  • Ok! I want to transfer my accounts from a bank investing in fossil fuels and nuclear power to an Earth-friendly bank!

  • Hooray! We can all do our part to change the flow of money by divesting!

Is Your Bank Clean?

Top 7 Fossil Fuel Financiers

Loans and Underwritings (2011-2016)

45 Earth Friendly Banks?

Join our campaign and receive the
"Earth Friendly Fact Sheet" and our
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Divestment in 3 Steps

  1. Choose a Bank

    Join the campaign and open an account with a bank from the "Earth Friendly" bank list

  2. Transfer Your Account

    Transfer funds from your old bank account to your new "Earth Friendly" bank account.

  3. Let us know!

    Please inform 350 Japan of your divestment using the “I Divested!” link at the top of the homepage.

Divestment Testimonials

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Earth Company, Co-Founder
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Social Activism That Anyone,
Anywhere Can Do: That's Divestment!"
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